The Dawns Early Light


24 by 24 Inches

I had visited the Corning Museum of Glass famous Carder room. In the 1930’s Frederick Carder created a war memorial for the fallen in world war one. It resides today in the Corning, New York Library. Living in New England there are many war memorials throughout the towns and cities each having its own style for the times. I thought about today’s conflicts and how I would express a contemporary war memorial. I created a memorial to those fallen in desert conflicts of recent years. The early morning ceremony bringing our fallen soldiers home, performed in the dawns early light in far away desert landscapes. Five soldiers carry their fallen friend home seen through a moment in time as a dramatic sky and a cast glass flag in the color of sand frame the scene. The names of the fallen in operation Desert Storm from Corning, New York are impressed on the side of the glass.