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Jewelry can be purchased on my website. I consider my jewelry as making statements about the wearer. The designs are still in development, as it is a new venture and lots to figure out. My new concept “U-wear-it” talks about your choice of what to wear.¬† It is nice to be able to purchace a unique accessory. So many things today are made on a mass scale. My work is still made one at a time. Although two pieces may be similar they never come out exactly the same and are made either unique or in small quantities. Jewelry tells the world about who we are and what we believe in. Since the cave days we have adorned ourselves with objects that represent who we are or events we have experienced. Recently I gave a brave friend a token saying “Give Courage” it made me realizes jewelry can really speak a universal language and can have deep meaning to ourselves and others. They are nice as gifts, as they do not have that mass produced look. They are special. I hope to put new ideas into my designs, so you can identify with the jewelry as well as “Wear it”. Its not about me its about U and what U want to say, and after all you are the one who will wear it.

The small works available on my site are an important part of telling your story. I make each piece one at a time and give my full attention to each one.

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Each piece comes with a signed certificate of authentication, and the work is signed.

For larger pieces, reach out to my contact page.

More photos are available of each work upon request.

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Please inquire by e-mail for larger works.

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