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Jewelry and Prints

Jewelry and prints can be purchased on my website. I consider my jewelry and prints sketches and studies for larger works. I love the idea of “art to wear”. I remember reading about how Picasso made a pair of “hand” earrings for Frida Kahlo. Very much like the abstracted hands that showed up in many of his paintings.

The small works available on my site are an important part of telling the story.

Click button below to consider inviting a piece of jewelry or a print into your life.

Each piece comes with a signed certificate of authentication, as well as the work is signed by me.

For larger pieces contact me for Gallery inquires.

More photos are available of each work upon request.

How to purchase

Larger works

Larger works can be purchased from Galleries supporting my work

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Special Commission

Commissions are entertained and can be discussed through e-mail at

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