My father, Delmo Tarsitano, was born in Calabria, Italy in 1921. At age 8 months, he and his 18 year old mother boarded the Taromina, bound for New York’s Ellis Island.

Delmo had a very successful life in America. He truly lived the American Dream. He married his childhood sweetheart, Kathryn, served in World War II, and owned and operated a popular store. He also educated me and my brothers, Frank and Samuel, both PhDs. My father had two careers; at the age of 55 he pursued his passion for hot glass.

My father, Delmo, and I started the studio together from scratch in 1975. Sadly, in 1991, after a 16 year love affair with hot glass, he passed away at the age of 70 of ALS. Collectors and colleagues alike continue to be amazed by his accomplishments in such a short period of time. It is a testament to his talent. Today his work continues to enchant and engage glass lovers all over the world.

Honeycomb Faceted Cherry
In 1980, Delmo explored optical illusions. He collaborated with Ed Poore, master glass cutter, of Sagamore, Massachusetts. 3″


Coiled SnakeCoiled Snake

Delmo loved creating natural habitats for his creatures. He studied nature and enjoyed the outdoors. Delmo became known for designing realistic “Earth Life” backgrounds. 3″


Pears on MillifiorePears on Millefiori

The design rests on a rare, close packed, blue stardust millefiori cane background. Delmo created all of his own millefiori canes. 3″


Strawberry ArrangementStrawberry Arrangement

Delmo was an avid gardener who loved recreating many of his favorite plants in glass. 3 1/2 ”


Large PeachLarge Peach
Delmo created and mastered the use of colored glass powder. He spend many hours in peach orchards studying specimens. His peach is a favorite design of collectors. 4″


Earth Life SculptureEarth Life Sculpture
The sculpture contains desert flowers and bees. Delmo expanded his ideas into sculptural forms by collaborating with Ed Poore, master glass cutter. 4″


Earth Life SculptureEarth Life Sculpture
View from the top of the sculpture.



Marbrie SalamanderMarbrie Salamander
Delmo expressed his love of reptiles through many fanciful interpretations of salamanders. 3″


Spider CollageSpider Collage
A rare collaboration between father and daughter, which includes an engraved spider web by Max Roland Erlacher. 4″