The Road


14 by 16 Inches

Glass elements surround the painting

I think about our movements on earth and all creatures that move above us in the sky. As we are all running and moving, birds are always flying above.   In my painting the road curves off into the unknown, one part of the sky lit brightly the other more dim. All the colors of the sky are depicted in the oil painting and glass castings. A cast piece at the top middle shows birds flying in clouds and sunlight. I decided to take the cast glass to the outside of the painting onto the wall. The outer castings are cast glass nests onto birds wings. Having elements outside the board leads the viewer out of the confines of the painting.  As artists I don’t feel we need to contain an idea to a board or canvas , it can reach outside its boarders. As there is above and below on earth, so artwork can be made on different planes and  different levels. The design jumps off the board to the wall.