When you think about what is important and how to solve problems does the word Love ever come up. Sometimes I think when we are in difficulty, we should remember to handle problems with love. So many people forget about this idea. I began to build this design with a pate de verre heart with a keyhole. The keyhole is there to unlock the problems using love. In the design find things about racism, and how we need to treat each other with love to cure the problems we face today. The name of George Floyd is in the tangles at the right. The tangles in a variety of colors unite the design as sometimes we are tangled up in so many situations today. Words like No Racists, truth, and tweet so are in the design. It is a model of what is going on today for future generations, as we pass through this time of so many questions about our lives. Who are we today and what do we believe in, do we understand Love is Key?