Pearl Fryar Portrait

Commission Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Massachusetts


36 by 28 Inches

I was thrilled to receive the opportunity and commission to create a portrait of Pearl Fryar topiary master. I decided to approach my first oil portrait having cast glass as Pearl would, –with enthusiasm, and determination as Pearl say’s to “write my own book”. “ I created Pearl’s portrait in the manner of a poster on wood board, having oil paint and cast glass. I incorporated the words “Peace Love and Acceptance” in oil as it is what visitors to Pearls’ garden see first. What Pearl says really matters, he is wise, and I added his sayings in cast glass topiary shapes. “I cut up Bushes” and “ Everyone has a Talent” shows pearl’s own humility and appreciation for others. Extensions of Pearls strong arms, I included broken cast glass chain saw blades. Pearl must have gone through many. I decided to cut up pearls portrait like topiary to show how he and his life’s work are one. A vine unites the design tying it together, leading you through his life and garden.