Chained Heart


Cast Glass on oil painting. Canvas covered wood board.

I use glass as a material to create meaningful works of art. Love is very complex, so many strings. I toyed with the idea of heartstrings. expressing all the attachments in our lives. I experimented sculpting clay strings envisioning how to portray connections. Finally after many attempts I was able to figure out how to construct the idea. With glass as a material a concept needs to be converted into something possible and tangable. I had a real piece of chain in my studio. While walking through the home depot looking at so many materials for art I bought it for another project. It was in my studio for about 2 years. I began to form a clay chain as my clay model for the heartstrings heart, and loved the way it looked. I cast it in glass. The painting depicts the many bouquets we give to one another out of love through out our lives. So chains, heartstrings and flowers, such is love. A complex idea translated into oil painting and glass.