Garden Dahlia

Cast glass upright sculpture

9 by 12 inches

Debbie Tarsitano “Garden Dahlia” My favorite flower is the Dahlia. I have been growing them in my garden since I childhood. I grow my large sized Dahlia’s  from a root. When I first put them in the ground I never really know what the result will be. It takes several months for the plant to produce a flower. When the flower is in full bloom I begin to photograph it.  Photography is a part of my process. I sculpt a clay model using my photo as a guide, although the flowers are usually outside my studio door. Next I create a series of molds  the final one being a silica- plaster mold which endures  1500 degree temperatures it takes to melt  glass.  Next the reveal, taking the sculpture out of the kiln I break the mold to see what is inside. Then I refine the glass with a series of diamond abrasives. Having its start in the garden, the piece goes into the world as a record of the original flower, now immortalized in glass. This is my part in preserving nature while providing nature with a resource for bee’s and hummingbirds to pollinate and in deterioration the creation of organic material for future plants to grow in. My yard is organic and provides habitat for insects and animals to thrive.